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About Us

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Guillermo Aviña Founder & CEO of

 TortillaTek& Chain Guard™ Industrial Lubricants.

Tortillaworldcelebrated its 5th. Anniversary in July, 2017.

About our Company

In 2001, I was given an opportunity by Glenn Rovey to work for their family owned business Rovey Seed Co. as a food grade national corn sales representative. I started traveling nationwide offering Rovey food-grade quality corn to Tortilla manufactures. Two years later, I noticed most of them had something else in common besides manufacturing corn & flour Tortillas. Most Tortilla manufactures i visited to sell Rovey corn too had used Tortilla manufacturing equipment in good running condition they were no longer using just sitting in their factory taking up space because they had purchased new upgraded Tortilla manufacturing equipment. They started asking me if I knew of anyone interested in buying there used Tortilla manufacturing equipment they had for sale. I thought about the idea of selling used Tortilla manufacturing equipment for years and finally decided to do it. I thought about using the Internet to help me sell used Tortilla manufacturing equipment in the USA in a unique new way the Tortilla Industry has not seen yet. After thinking about it for three weeks, it all came together and™ was born in March of 2012.


Since 2012, has been building a Growing reputation in the Tortilla, wraps, flat-bread & chapatti Industry for having the world’s largest on-line selection of American brands of new & used Tortilla & chip manufacturing equipment, packaging equipment, replacement parts, lubricants, ingredients & preservatives for sale in the Tortilla Industry’s #1 Premier on-line classifieds website viewed monthly by thousands of Tortilla Industry decision makers & professionals worldwide looking to buy on-line


“Quality Equipment, Quality Tortillas” 

Our company vision™ became the 1st. Mexican/American distributor of PLASTIES in September of 2014. The HD-series Tie-Matic Twist-Tie machines have been tested & proven durable & dependable for over 40 years by Tortilla Industry decision makers & professionals worldwide.


In 2013, we started an ingredient blending company in California called TortillaworldQuality Ingredients, LLC. to provide premium quality custom made & our-in-house formulas of corn Tortilla liquid preservatives, flour Tortilla powder preservatives, ready-pack-flour-formulations, softeners etc. for your Tortilla needs. We have Tortilla preservatives in stock in Illinois and California. See Tortilla preservatives by clicking on the Ingredient Tab above or simply click here.


Rovey Specialty Grains, LLC. is a *Gold sponsor of™. Rovey has been supplying corn to the Tortilla & chip Industry since 1972. Rovey has three locations thru-out the US to supply all of your NON-GMO & Organic corn needs, California, Nebraska & Illinois. Call us @217-227-4541.


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“Quality Ingredients, Quality Tortillas”