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Tortilla bags

Packaging for the Tortilla, Tortilla chip, wraps, flat-bread & chapatti Industry

TortillaworldIntroduces you to Max Chappell the Tortilla bag Guru @Tortillaworldto sell you a wide range of Quality packaging materials for all of your Tortilla, wraps, flat-bread & chapatti production needs. We have pre-made printed poly & polypropylene bags & paper & film roll-stock Tortilla bags in house, and custom made products to your specific needs. All our products are premium quality materials FDA approved, ISO 9001 registered & AIB certified.

 Pre-cut printed food grade paper sheets

We sell food grade paper for wrapping up to 36 corn Tortillas with this print in stock. Sold by the case containing 3,000 FDA approved sheets.



Roll-stock for form fill seal applications (FFS)

Custom features available in both plastic & coated paper, up to 10 color print, vents, zippers & more.



Paper & polypropylene chip bags

Custom features include natural & bleach paper, up to 8 color print, re-closable ties, bottom & side gussets & more.



Pre-made bags

We specialize in product development with plastic resins polyethylene, polypropylene & variety of lamination’s to produce pre made bags. Custom features include up to 10 color print, ziploc (slider & press-to-close) bottom & side gusset, wicket bar, vents & more.



Dry wax paper roll-stock

Custom features available in pre-cut sheets & roll-stock (FFS) up to 8 color print & more.





Product development

In house graphic design teams, structural design expertise, product testing & more.





Stock supplies

We sell a variety of in stock products such as stretch films, tapes, labels, boxes & more.



Supply chain management

Inventory management programs, JIT delivery, Price protection & more.



ISO Registered

ISO 9001 2008 Registered & committed to quality on every level.



Contact Max the Tortilla bag Guru @Tortillaworlddirect at 312-914-5029 or Call Toll Free at 1-800-335-Tortilla (8678) ext. 101.™, Your partner in packaging. “Quality Packaging, Quality Tortillas”