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Manufacturing Services provides quality training, consulting & advise services with resources & solutions for a one stop shop for Tortilla Industry related manufactures or anyone interested in starting their own Tortilla Factory. We can help with any of your Tortilla manufacturing or production needs. Our wide variety of products & services  offered are customized to meet each of our customer’s needs. You are just a phone call away from reaching one of our experienced Tortillaworldconsultants who have from 8 to 38 years of Tortilla Industry experience to help you in your business.

Tortillaworld™ Now sells Quality printed Tortilla & Tortilla chips, Wraps, Flat-Bread & Chapatti bags. Sells quality printed FDA approved packaging


Tortillaworld™ introduces you to Max Chappell the Tortilla bag Guru @Tortillaworldto sell you Quality made printed poly & polypropylene pre-made bags, paper & film roll-stock commonly used in the Tortilla, Tortilla chips, wraps, flat-bread & chapatti Industry with great pricing & performance guarantee All of our products are premium quality FDA approved materials, ISO 9001registered & AIB certified.






 Tortillaworld service offered by phone, on-line & your plant


  • Assist with Tortilla plant designs and layouts.
  • Assist with audits.
  • We blend our own corn & flour Tortilla liquid & powder preservatives, softeners & have our own flour-Tortilla- ready-pack formulations. Custom made or in house formulas for any of your corn & flour Tortillas, wraps, flat-bread & chapatti needs.
  • Assist improving efficiencies on all of your corn & flour Tortilla production.
  • Help with Tortilla processing procedures.
  • Help in reducing Tortilla manufacturing waste.
  • Assist with a start-up Tortilla factory.
  • Hands-on training at your Tortilla facility.
  • Help choose the right type & size of Tortilla equipment for your production needs.
  • Refer an independent service-Tech for all of your Tortilla equipment needs.
  • Refer a lab for nutritional, UPC & ingredient statements on all of your Tortilla products.
  • Help you choose the correct packaging equipment for all of your Tortillas, chips, flat-bread & chapatti products.
  • Sell you the correct type of bag to package all of your Tortillas, chips, flat-bread & chapatti products.




Corn Tostadas. Tostadas de maíz. "Quality Ingredients, Quality Tortillas"


 *Benefits for Tortilla manufacturers


Tortilla Industry manufactures who become a Tortillaworld member of will immediately receive instant worldwide name brand recognition of your Tortilla products & company logo by using a hyperlink from our website directly to yours. Tortillaworld™ will post a video of your company on our website and promote your company products & brand using our Tortillaworldsocial media channels which include, Facebook at Tortillaworld, Twitter at MyTortillaworld™, Instagram at TortillaworldUSA™ and our  TortillaworldYouTube channel at™. Members will be giving priority to view our latest listings of new & used Tortilla manufacturing equipment for sale before being listed in our Free Tortillaworlde-newsletter and in our popular on-line classifieds website, viewed monthly by thousands of Tortilla Industry decision makers & professionals worldwide looking to buy used Tortilla manufacturing equipment on-line™. Members can list any new or used Tortilla Industry related equipment at no-charge for 1-year. Non-members, no-charge to list equipment when sold directly by™. Non-members can be charged for 1 classifieds of any Tortilla manufacturing related equipment for sale by owner in our classifieds up to $750.000 USD. for 1 year.





*Benefits for Tortilla Industry Suppliers


Since 2012™ has been building a Growing reputation in the Tortilla, wraps, flat-bread & chapatti Industry of having the world’s largest on-line selection of American made new & used Tortilla manufacturing equipment, packaging equipment, ingredients, lubricants & Tortilla equipment replacement parts from the Tortilla Industry’s #1 Premier on-line classifieds website,™ viewed monthly by thousands of Tortilla Industry decision makers & professionals worldwide looking to buy on-line™. Sponsoring Tortillaworld will provide your company with instant worldwide exposure & traffic to Tortilla Industry decision makers & professionals worldwide. We offer three levels of sponsorship’s, *Gold, *Silver & *Bronze tailored for your company needs. Pricing and benefits are in the supplier media kit flyer  which is in the suppliers icon under the become a member tab on top. Scroll down to the bottom left hand side . Open the Tortillaworld suppliers media kit flyer PDF file. Print on both sides of paper and then fold in the middle. This flyer contains pricing and benefits for each level.


All three levels of Tortillaworld sponsorship’s are considered a tax detectable form of advertisement & will give your company Instant exposure & traffic monthly to thousands of Tortilla Industry decision makers & professionals worldwide from the Tortilla Industry’s #1 Premier on-line classifieds website,